Dr Daisy

Dr. Daisy


Like most veterinarians I grew up surrounded by animals. My first pet was a Greek tortoise named Stoffel, who still roams the garden of my parents' home in The Netherlands in summer. He must be over 50 years now! I would always take home wounded and sick animals to make them whole again, most cases with success. And for my 10th birthday I asked for a microscope to examine the tiniest specimens I found. The small world captivated me and I studied Microbiology, although in my heart I knew that was not to be my destiny, even though I still like to look at slides and samples under the microscope.  

In 1996 I graduated from Utrecht University to become a Small Animal Veterinarian. The first year after graduation I worked as a locum vet in The Netherlands to gain experience, by working in different cities and clinics. Then, in early 1997,  Hog Plaque hit The Netherlands and all new graduates were asked to contribute, although I was a Small Animal Vet, we were all trained to be all-round vets and I was happy to help contain the outbreak. 

After this, I was ready to start my own practice in the small town of Kampen, where I practiced for 10 years with a lot of joy and satisfaction. Being a single veterinary practice owner has its downsides though and I decided to sell the practice in 2007 to expand my professional, social and cultural experience. I have since worked in a combined Large and Small animal hospital in The Netherlands, a European Clinic for Small Animals in Saudi Arabia and a Canadian Veterinary Hospital in Doha before joining the team of Al Qurum Veterinary Clinic. 

I now enjoy the beauty and hospitality of Oman together with my husband, our son and our 2 cats. My goal is to continue my work as a general Small Animal Vet, to perform my job with great empathy, continue to expand my knowledge and experience and to help Dr. Elke with the strays and abandoned pets.