Dr. Elke

Dr Elke Heitz


As I grew up I persistently annoyed my parents with more pets to add to our little home zoo and so it never was a question about my future profession – becoming a veterinarian was my only possible choice. After graduating from Munich/Germany Veterinary University in 1997 I worked first in the field of Exotic pets and Wildlife, with work experience in Australia, New Zealand and Venezuela, before officially moving to the UK in January 2000, where I enjoyed working in small animal veterinary clinics gaining a wide spectrum of general small animal veterinary experience. I particularly enjoyed my time working as Veterinarian in charge of Cardiff RSPCA and Cardiff city pound, as it allowed me to combine my passion for animal welfare with veterinary employment. After 5 years in the UK and some animal welfare trips abroad, I started to look further afield and came to Oman for an initial 1 month locuming position. Of course I fell under the spell of Oman and have now completed more than 10 years in this beautiful country. Owning Al Qurum Veterinary Clinic has been a very challenging, but also very rewarding adventure and I am very proud of what we as a team have achieved in the last 10 years. Not only have we grown from a 1 – person Veterinary clinic to an advanced Veterinary Centre with all the standards of a modern European veterinary clinic, but we also managed to (and continue to) help countless animals along the way. Not only privately owned pets with serious or not so serious conditions, but also stray cats and dogs with severe medical issues, running a stray neutering project as well as our little private shelter that sees us helping more than 200 pets per year to get cured, vaccinated, neutered and find new homes. We also help the large and varied Expat community in Oman to relocate with their pets and have imported and exported their 4 legged family members to and from more than 150 countries all over the world. I love being in Oman and outside clinic life I enjoy travelling, outdoors activities and of course my cats and dogs at home. I am extremely lucky to have my biggest supporter in my partner Peye Vlot, who is always understanding when we have to change plans (yet again) for any veterinary emergency or change travel plans to be able to deliver some strays to their new homes abroad – wherever this might be. And of course without my parents, that have always stood behind me knowing that my passion for animals comes first, I would never have been able to achieve my dream of helping animals. For the future I am looking forward to continue to help the pets of Oman, whether stray or owned, and to continue to improve the standards of veterinary medicine along European and UK standards.