Helping The Strays

 The staff at Al Qurum Veterinary Clinic are passionate about helping not just pets, but also the less fortunate stray animals of Oman. Clinic owner and head veterinary surgeon Elke Heitz has always had a passion for animal welfare and this is reflected in the Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR) efforts that the clinic practices.

How the clinic helps: 

  • To encourage others to do their own TNR, we offer discounted rates for stray sterilization.
  • We do our own stray catching and sterilization, and encourage our clients to catch and bring any strays they can. 
  • We offer cat traps for a fully refundable deposit of 60 RO.
  • For strays that we feel would not do well going back onto the street or animals that are abandoned with us (a sad yet frequent occurrence) we do try to find homes for them locally and abroad. However, we do not often accept surrenders because we don’t have the space and the high cost of maintaining so many animals is straining.
  • If the situation is such that we decide to accept a surrender, the fee is 300 RO. This ensures that ALL medical care and maintenance is covered and some transport should we manage to find a home for the pet abroad.

This is what you can do to help the animals in Oman:

  • Put food and water out for them.
  • Bring them in for sterilization so that the colony/pack population does not continue to grow. Animal populations grow quickly and exponentially over a short period of time if they are not managed. We have cat traps that you can borrow for catching stray cats! We only require a 60 RO fully refundable deposit at the time of borrowing.
  • If the stray animal is particularly friendly, consider giving them a home. 
  • If you find a cat/dog that you cannot take in, please reach out to others via the several available groups on Facebook and other social media. You can share to our page as well (@muscatvets)
  • If you cannot adopt, but would like to contribute to the care of an animal currently in our care, you can sponsor one of the many that we have waiting for homes. Simply select the animal you wish to contribute towards and send your amount to our Paypal account ([email protected] or or bring it in person. If you would like to meet the cat/dog you have selected, simply call and schedule an appointment with our Adoptions Consultant Akanksha.
  • Donate goods like towels, bed linen, bowls, travel boxes, blankets, etc to help us care for the animals we have up for adoption.