Pet Travel

Moving abroad? Planning an extended vacation? We offer worldwide relocations for your pets, with full export and full import assistance. 

Relocating to another country is stressful enough in itself and the complicated ever changing requirements for taking your pet with you to your new home can be daunting. 

Not to worry; we relocate hundreds of pets every year and know the ropes and will guide you through the entire process from A to Z. Thanks to our large and still growing network of relocating companies all over the world, we can help you handle both sides of the relocation; import and export.

If you are thinking of relocating your pet to or from Oman, please give us a call or e-mail for more information or for booking a consultation with our import and export experts. Make sure you plan the pet travel well ahead as some countries enforce strict waiting periods, blood tests and/or quarantine periods. You should contact us at least 6 months prior to your travel plans, if possible.